30th Anniversary NYIBC Cancelled

It is with a heavy heart that the Board of Directors and I, announce the cancellation of NYIBC 2013.

Since the passing in 2010 of our founding Executive Director, Ilona Copen, NYIBC has met many challenges. The most notable being raising funds to provide an educational experience of its magnitude, producing an event of its caliber and running a sustainable operation.

We had an amazing group of dancers apply this year from 18 countries, including: France, Israel, Chile, Belgium, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, China, U.S.A. and Korea.  Our teachers and coaches would have been honored to work with them, and as artists, they would have been privileged to work, collaborate and grow with each other.

Ilona Copen NYIBC 2009

Standing ovation for Ilona Copen, NYIBC 2009 Gala

To recall a reflection by Ms. Copen, made in NYIBC 2003, “I hope the dancers learn something about themselves that perhaps they didn’t know before…that they go away with a generosity of heart towards the other dancers and all the people they’ve worked with. I hope that all these cultures that have come together have really learned to live together. And of course, we all hope that they go home as better artists!”

On behalf of the nearly 500 alumni who’ve graced the NYIBC stage, since the first competition in 1984, and the countless donors, volunteers and host “dance families” who’ve helped make 30 years possible, we congratulate the applicants to the class of 2013. We applaud their achievements thus far, and we support their promising careers that lay ahead.

Thank you for your interest in NYIBC 2013 – keep striving and keep reaching, every day you improve your art as a dancer.


Artjom Maksakov and Olga Malinovskaya, being coached in Paul Taylor’s Aureole, NYIBC 2009

Your questions and concerns regarding cancellation can be directed via email to: connect@nyibc.org.

Yours in dance,
Marcia De La Garza
Executive Director

Read more in the official press release.