Top Ten Reasons to Join NYIBC 2013

  • LEARN. NYIBC was created to provide dancers with an unparalleled learning process opportunity that gives them dance experience and significantly contributes to their growth as artists. Every dancer is fairly and equally trained for the same repertoire with three solid weeks of class, repertory study, coaching and rehearsal time. Participants work with teachers and coaches of the highest professional caliber, learning choreography in a short amount of  time. NYIBC’s unique format, provides a fair, level playing field to all the participants. Eager and dedicated, NYIBC dancers adapt to multiple styles quickly. Like dance company members, participating dancers move from studio to studio to rapidly learn classical and contemporary works and obtain a realistic glimpse into the professional dance world.
  • PERFORM. The New York City stage is like no other stage in the world. Participants perform five nights on an extraordinary showcase platform, granting them access to opportunities for career advancement, contracts, special achievement awards, and more! All eyes will be watching for a unique glimpse of classical pas de deux and contemporary duet repertory, which is announced upon the dancers arrival in New York at the start of NYIBC.
  • CAPTIVATE. Dancers are seen and noticed by major company directors at classes, coaching sessions and performances. Gold, silver, bronze and special awards medals are awarded by a jury of esteemed ballet luminaries. High-profile members of the media are also in attendance, giving valuable feedback and reviews of performances. In the studio and on the stage, young talent has never had such a great potential for being discovered.
  • COLLABORATE. Participants see technique and styles from around the world and learn from each other in a highly collaborative process. Equipped with a strong technical base, that foundation of dancers is then molded and shaped by working on their artistry and partnering with fellow dancers, teachers and coaches. NYIBC is an exceptionally nurturing campus of both mentors and peers.
  • GROW. Dancers live, eat, work and play together with other participants from multiple backgrounds and cultures. The universal language that everyone shares is ballet, and the one-on-one coaching that NYIBC provides, though challenging, is immensely rewarding. NYIBC participants leave the experience being not only  better dancers and partners, but with a kindness of heart instilled by the intense collaboration.
    NYIBC 2009, Cynthia Gregory coaching Raymonda. Photo by Whitney Browne.
  • IMPROVE AS AN ARTIST. NYIBC encourages and supports all dancers in achieving their highest artistic standards. The competition is not about technical “tricks” and star soloists, but about artistic expression, intent and meaning. Unlike competitions which emphasize technical virtuosity, NYIBC leaves dancers feeling more accomplished as artists and partners. The overall program is designed to promote the integrity of ballet as an art form.
  • ATTAIN YOUR GOALS. At NYIBC, we strive for excellence not just medals and awards. With a rich 30-year history, we stand for cooperation versus competition,  for growth versus gain, for artistry versus just technical virtuosity, for enhancing the art of ballet within every individual.
  • BE PART OF THE FAMILY. The welcoming environment of teachers, coaches, counselors, NYIBC staff, local “Dance Families” and the friendship of other dancers all work to make the NYIBC experience a comforting  ‘home away from home.’ The connections made will last a lifetime, and the environment fostered helps participants focus on the repertoire and in doing their best throughout the program and performance rounds.
  • RECEIVE FULL SCHOLARSHIP. The three-week artistic education, professional training, dancer nutrition & wellness, and performance program is the most progressive opportunity in the world within an international ballet competition framework. NYIBC is a tuition-free, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the talented young dancer of today.  All 48 participants receive a full scholarship.
  • VISIT NYC. In 1983, Ilona Copen founded New York International Ballet Competition (NYIBC) to fill a void and satisfy a need in the global dance ecosystem. Until then, other international ballet competitions existed, but New York, considered the dance capital of the world, did not have its own. Being located in New York City enables NYIBC to engage with partners in the arts and allows participants to explore and be inspired by all New York cultural activities and offerings.

Apply now, deadline for submissions is December 15, 2012.

You can support NYIBC’s incredible commitment to teaching and performing ballet by making a gift to the Annual Fund today.

Giving Tuesday NYIBC

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